Best Naples restaurants 2019: JLB picks their 25 must-try favorites

Namba Ramen & Sushi

While so many of the other Asian restaurants in town hand you a 40-page fusion menu of Japanese, Chinese, Thai and Korean, Namba has simplified things down to really good ramen, really good sushi, and not much else. A Japanese-trained sushi chef, Namba’s Pitak Hermkhunthod takes pride in his work, importing handmade noodles from Japan and brewing a 17-hour broth for his milky-smooth ramen. Since the restaurant opened last year, he’s the only one I’ve ever spotted hand-rolling sushi rolls behind the counter. If Chef is out of town for the weekend, then sushi is off the menu. That’s next-level mastery.

(8847 U.S. 41 N., North Naples; 239-592-4992;